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Younger Chemists

We are here to advance the soft skills of chemists as they begin their career, and to provide guidance to early career chemists. Our definition of a younger chemist is anyone who is beginning their chemistry career.  We have no age limits, and welcome all members to utilize the advice of our experienced chemists who can help guide us as early career chemists.

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  • Provide support and programming for early-career chemists at Regional and National ACS Meetings
  • Work with the Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) to increase the number of early career chemists that are engaged in ACS activities from participation to becoming leaders at all levels of governance
  • Further distribute of-interest career tools and programs that the ACS provides

Why you should join

  • You want to be counted among the people who support the goals of this subdivision
  • You have ideas about how to achieve this subdivision’s goals and want to share them with us
  • You have leadership skills and experience and want to help us
  • You want to develop leadership skills and experience and want to help us
  • You want to learn about academic, workplace and career issues for early career scientists
  • You want to help make chemistry a more enlightened scientific field

How to get involved

  • Join the subdivision
  • Answer all member needs surveys that come your way
  • Be willing to share and be a part of something
  • Contact the subdivision chair with comments or questions

Younger Chemists Committee

We work very closely with the Younger Chemist Committee to assist in their programming needs.  We all need to help the program at the local, regional, and national levels.  They have a variety of activities at meetings.