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Women Chemists

Everyone is welcome to join this subdivision. Our common ground is our commitment to and support of the subdivision goals.

Contact women@acsprof.org for more information.


  • Promote diversity, inclusion, advocacy, recognition, mentoring and networking among women in the chemical sciences
  • Provide programming at national and regional meetings related to professional issues amongst women in the chemical sciences
  • Collaborate with other organizations, including the ACS Women Chemists Committee, on professional issues and career issues that affect women in the chemical sciences

Why you should join

  • You support the goals of this subdivision
  • You have ideas about how to achieve this subdivision’s goals and want to share them with us
  • You have leadership skills and experience and want to help us

How to get involved

  • Join the subdivision
  • Attend division and subdivision symposia and Town Hall Forum at the ACS National Meetings
  • Be willing to share and be a part of something
  • Contact the subdivision chair with comments or questions