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Our purpose is to provide a place for people to consider the impact that Ethics can have on the lives and careers of our members.

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  • Provide relevant program at regional and national ACS meetings
  • Develop a cache of volunteers to present Ethics workshops at local and regional meetings
  • Work with the ACS Committee on Ethics on projects and programming for which we share a common goal

Why you should join

  • You have an interest in Ethics
  • You hope to provide a better working environment for chemical professionals
  • You want to help spread the word about how Ethics can be better incorporated into the workplace
  • You want a forum to discuss any ethical questions that you have

How to get involved

  • Join the subdivision
  • Join our group on the ACS Network
  • Share ideas/suggestions to increase Ethics awareness within the Society
  • Volunteer to take a turn at the helm and with subdivision leadership
  • Contact the subdivision chair with comments or questions

Ethics Bowl

Intercollegiate Chemistry Ethics Bowl is being hosted by Dr. Craig McClure